Holidays in rehabilitation

Normally you will always have a different concept when people speak to you about rehabilitation centers, and the first thing that one imagines is that they are too strict andyou have to do what the doctors say all the time. They are also known as places where you have the freedom to be alone, going for a walk to think and just imagine a place practically similar to a psychiatric ward where all patients are treated like they are mad.

The truth is that some of those places might resemble that, but not ours, in our location you are allowed to bring your pet, a place where you can exercise, a place where you receive yoga and meditation classes as part of the therapies to cure the addictions, a place where you can go for a walk on the banks of the beach, watching the sunset, listening to the waves of the sea, feel the scents of the flora and fauna. Let me be the bearer of good news, because if there is a place where you are allowed all these freedoms as you recover from your disease of addiction to drugs and alcohol, it has to be Discovery Houses.

The DiscoveryHouses rehabilitation vacation will be the best experience you’ll have in your whole life. There will be no incentive for drug consumption and it will be compared with the things that you can learn in the time you have to be in our houses of rehabilitation, if you want to know more about our camp, then we invite you to visit our official website You’ll find everything you need to know about the types of addictions that we try, the types of care you receive and of course we will inform you about the costs of your stay, which are not expensive and remember that the time you are going to be in DiscoveryHouses depend solely on your will power.

It’s time for you to stop to think about you and the people you love, it’s time to change a little the atmosphere, here in our community you will find that peace, that unconditional support and those therapies to cure your addiction. You can choose in which community area you want to be, as we have the community for women only for men only. This way you will feel much more comfortable and share good experiences in regards to everything that happens in DiscoveryHouses.

You can also bring your pet and share the house if you wish.

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